Community Involvement

As a resident of Kerr County, Mitch:


  • Is on the council of Notre Dame Catholic School


  • Is a co-founder and core team leader of Notre Dame Church’s approximately 80-member weekly Men's Leadership and Spirituality Group “That Man is You!”


  •  Serves as a Minister to the Sick weekly at Peterson Hospital  


  • Volunteers as needed as a donation pick-up driver for the St Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop in Kerrville 


  • Created and developed an Emergency Operations Plan for Notre Dame Church


  •  Is a member of Notre Dame Church safety committee 


  • Trained church staff, security officers and volunteers in making a safe environment for worship, which includes proper response to active shooter incidents


  • Assisted two local schools with developing their security plans


  • Helped to coordinate and implement a hands-on active shooter training involving simulation drills by the Kerrville Police Department’s Special Operations Unit for the faculty and staff of two local Kerr County schools 

As a resident of LA:

  • Lambdin is a member of the International Police Association (IPA), and served for several years as the Associate Secretary to Greece for the United States 


  • As a member of the IPA, he participated in an exchange program with an Inspector from the London, England Metropolitan Police 


  • He is a past member of the Board of Directors and Board of Governors for the Desert Refuge for Peace Officers and Military Personnel, a retreat house near 29 Palms Marine Corps Base which assists police and military personnel with PTSD and other issues following a spiritual model


  • Mitch served as a baptism instruction teacher at his church


  • He was a merit badge instructor in law enforcement related topics for his local Boy Scouts of America troop


Mitch Has Always Taken Time Out Of His Busy Law Enforcement and Family Schedule to Assist His Local Community.  Here Are Just A Few of His Endeavors:


Unbound is a unique community of people who see potential and dignity in those who find themselves on the margins of society. Like Unbound, I believe the best path out of poverty is a self-directed one.  That’s why I chose to sponsor Syndy, who lives in Guatemala, and Joseph, who lives in Kenya.

Check out their website. You will find that Unbound is highly rated. In fact, over 93% of expenses go to program support that directly serves families in 18 different countries. 

I’d be happy to tell you more about the rewarding experience I have had as a sponsor.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Unbound - it means so much to me.