Without a set of values to go by, one can easily lose track of the mission.  


Although there are many more worth mentioning, these Core Values will be at the heart of the Mission

-- which is serving you, the citizens of Kerr County--

 to the best of my ability.


If you cannot trust that I will do as I say, and say as I do, I will quickly become ineffective. I will provide the citizens of Kerr County, the employees of the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office, and all other agencies and entities the highest level of ethics and integrity.  I will never promise things I do not intend to accomplish and will work to earn the trust of everyone I encounter and conduct myself ethically at all times.


This does not mean “being in charge.”  I truly intend to lead, at the Sheriff’s Office and in the law enforcement community, by being an example of working hard towards the goal and putting the community’s needs above my own.  I will never expect employees of the Sheriff’s Office to do something I would not do myself.  I plan to earn the respect of all, and give respect to all regardless of position or tenure.


Quality service means doing the bestthat you possibly can for ALLin the community.  No one group will ever be singled out for favor or focus.  I will never forget that YOU, the citizens of Kerr County are my boss, I work for you.  I will expect everyone at the Sheriff’s Office to provide the best service they possibly can, or find someone who can assist them if they are not able to.


We must always improve. The demanding nature of the law enforcement profession in America today demands that we constantly work and trainto become better, more efficient, and more knowledgeableprofessionals.  This is how we will attain high quality of service.  The price of poor quality is too high!  Whether it is use of force, search and seizure issues, terrorism or human trafficking, today’s law enforcement professional requires frequent training in a variety of skill sets.