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A Kerr County resident now for 5 years, Mitch's training and experience have been accepted by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.  He has completed all necessary Texas courses in order to seamlessly work as Sheriff on day one.

Mitch Lambdin has the proven experience to lead the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO).  He is an experienced law enforcement leader. He has already led law enforcement units larger than KCSO and has proven his ability to do so over years of assignments.  He looks forward to using his unique talents and abilities to enhance the Sheriff’s Office with a fresh look at best practices in policing.  He enjoys a challenge, and always puts the Community’s welfare as top priority.

  • Lambdin is a retired Sergeant 2+III from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).  


  • He has over 33 years of police experience, which includes command and leadership positions, and varied elite special assignments. 


  • Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau 


  • Led a 16-officer bomb detection K-9 unit and worked extensively at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)


  • Officer in Charge of a large gang unit in the Watts District of South Los Angeles


  • Watch Commander in southeast Los Angeles for over a decade, commanding over 90 police personnel in a high crime, urban area with a population of over 150,000 residents.  


  • Supervised a 45 prisoner capacity jail


  • Division Training Coordinator in charge of monitoring and procuring training for the over 400 personnel in his Division.  


  • Leader of the South Bureau Mobile Field Force, a 60-officer unit specially trained and organized to respond to civil disturbances, natural disasters and other emergencies 


  • Coordinated large-scale bomb detection operations at bomb threats, and major public events such as the Academy Awards, the Grammy Awards, Clipper Basketball and Dodger Baseball games, and the Los Angeles Marathon.  


  • Planned and supervised numerous dignitary visits from the President of the United States, the vice president, former presidents of the United States, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and numerous foreign heads of state, the United States Secret Service, State Department, and the Department of Defense.


  • Responded to and participated in numerous well known incidents such as : Northridge Earthquake, Los Angeles Riots, Democratic National Convention, O.J. Simpson pursuit and trial, North Hollywood bank robbery incident


  • Training of sworn and civilian police personnel in various disciplines, including, but not limited to, police response to active shooters, response to bomb threats, and suspicious items and police use of force.  


  • Field supervisor in various assignments and diverse communities


  • Field Training Officer in various assignments and diverse communities


  • Gang Unit Officer in various assignments and diverse communities

  • Certified trainer in the National  Incident Management System and Incident Command System and is 


  • Certified in Emergency and Earthquake Management from the California State Specialized Training Institute. 


  • Police Officer at the Compton (CA) and Vernon (CA) Police Departments