The odds of accomplishing anything are very low if you have not set a goal to achieve.  
These are just some of the goals I have set to put in place.  
As I have said before, my annual goals will be published so that YOU may hold me accountable.  


Law Enforcement professionals in this country cannot properly function without the support and cooperation of the citizens they serve. To this end, I have the following goals/initiatives to enhance the cooperationbetween the public and their servants in the Sheriff’s Office:

  • Form a Community Advisory Board made up of citizens from throughout Kerr County, to advise the Sheriff on programs and policies and help to hold me accountable

  • Form a Sheriff’s Clergy Council made up of various religious leaders in Kerr County to assist and advise the Sheriff’s Office in various matters

  • Enact quarterly “Meet the Sheriff” meetings to be held at different locations throughout Kerr County in order to allow all residents access to meet the Sheriff and discuss matters important to them

  • Enhance public accountability and transparency--I work for you, and, whenever possible, you should be able to see and know what we are working on and why

  • Enact a “Ask the Sheriff” call in radio show on a local radio station to afford the public the opportunity to ask questions, anonymously if desired, about whatever is on their mind related to Kerr County law enforcement issues

  • Increase positive interaction between members of the community and members of the Sheriff’s Office by increasing our amount and quality of outreach events


The only way to increase quality is to continuously improve.  As Kerr County Sheriff, I will never “rest on my laurels” and lead the great people of the Sheriff’s Office by “auto-pilot”.  This involves constantly evaluating what we do, how we do it and why we are doing it.  These are some of the goals and initiatives I will undertake to accomplish this:​​

  • Conduct a complete audit of systems utilized by the Sheriff’s Office to ensure we are doing what we need and not wasting our time (and YOUR money) on things we don’t

  • Conduct a gap analysis to look at how successful we are in achieving our goals.

  • Set annual goals for the Sheriff’s Office- and make them public.  There is no achievement without a goal to attain. Making it public on our web-site will hold us accountable to you.

  • Improve collaboration with all of our partners to make public safety the highest priority.  This includes local, state and federal law enforcement, as well as allied agencies such as mental health and social services.

  • Improve training and equipment provided to members of the Sheriff’s Office. This can be done without undue burden to YOU, the tax payer, by making better utilization of grants and charitable foundations.

  • Assist concerned members of our community in establishing a foundation to provide needed equipment and training otherwise not in the budget.  This “Kerr County Sheriff’s Posse Foundation” would be autonomous from the Sheriff’s Office and make its own decision as to what to fund based on requests from the Sheriff’s Office.

  • Improve the use of technology for Sheriff’s Deputies.  Like it or not, technology can be a force multiplier.  The Patrol Deputies in Kerr County are under-equipped in this area as compared to their counterparts in other Kerr County law enforcement agencies.

  • Fully fill existing vacancies and retain the good people we already haveto create an optimal response to all challenges we face.

  • Review and enhance our participation in the Emergency 911 system to optimize service and minimize response times.

  • Recruit and hire a person of the highest caliberfor the upcoming vacant Chief Deputy position


Working in law enforcement in these trying times, whether as a sworn or civilian employee, can be very difficult on the employee’s personal life, family life and physical health.  We see law enforcement suicides skyrocketing across the country.  I care deeply about my brothers and sisters in law enforcement--and you should, too.  A healthy and positive employee does their job--serving you, in a much better, higher quality manner.  They utilize less sick days, and report greater job satisfaction.  They are less likely to become involved in serious use of force incidents.  It is a “win-win” situation.  I hope to make a difference in this area by doing the following:​​

  • Increasing access to volunteer Chaplains and Mental Health Professionals for all members at the Sheriff’s Office

  • Truly listening to the employees regarding their concerns- and making changes when appropriate when it is in my control to do so

  • Creating incentives for employees who make positive health changes

  • Being a leader who puts his employees’ needs above his own.  I promise you I will put them first.  I cannot achieve a single goal that we set without the cooperationof the fine men and women of the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office!


The County Sheriff needs to keep the mission- the public safetyof Kerr County, as top priority.  To do so, the Sheriff should work to bring togetherall related disciplines to work towards this goal.  YOU deserve nothing less.  This means doing what is best for the larger community and allowing others to coordinate and collaborate with each other, not worrying about the next election or who gets the credit.  I can bring people togetherand improve what the county already has in place and will improve the quality of serviceby improving our collaboration in these areas:

  • Regular meetingswith law enforcement partnersto discuss emerging crime trends, best practices, etc.  I see us as a team, not competitors

  • Bringingall stakeholdersto the table.  There are many community groups that have a lot to offer in solving problemswe face today.  Law enforcement needs to get away from the idea that we are the only way to solve certain problems.  This also improves our response to other problems by freeing up resourcesno longer needed on problems best addressed by other disciplines.