Training and Awards

Along with his extensive leadership and management experience, Mitch Lambdin has been trained in the highest levelsof law enforcement command techniques.  He has also been recognized numerous times for his efforts. 


Below are just a few of his training activities and awards:

  • Mitch has a certificate in Police Leadership and Behavioral Sciences from the West Point Leadership Institute, a partnership between the United States Military Academy and the Los Angeles Police Department.  

  • He also earned a certificate in Ethics in Policingfrom the University of Southern California-Latin American Law Enforcement Association 

  • Certificate in Emergency Managementfrom the California State Specialized Training Institute

  • Certified Trainer in the Force Option Simulator (the large interactive training simulator for Shoot/Don’t Shoot training)
  • Trainer in Police Response to Active Shooters

  • Watch Commander School

  • Field Supervisor School

  • Mitch received the Commendation Ribbon for over 150 commendations too numerous to list

  • Supervisor of the Year 1999

  • Meritorious unit citation while in the 77th Division Gang Unit

  • LAPD patrol ribbon for 20+ yearsin field police work, and the LAPD commendation ribbon. 

  • He is a 5- time recipient of the Automobile Club (AAA) 10851 award for outstanding efforts in arrests for grand theft automobile

  • Recognized by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for his response to the active shooter incident at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on November 1, 2013 

  • Recognized by the FBI for his support of agents during numerous bomb detection related sweeps, VIP details and events.

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